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mb we can make sum luv

2015-10-06 08:07:31 by Gehenaz

just say´N

I´m Back!

2011-07-07 21:06:55 by Gehenaz

I give you a submission of all the things I´ve made while I was gone ;D
(not really that much) ;D
ok, im done with then time when im gone ond then im back for like 2 weeks then im gone so i saw that the link to my old sprite sheet was broken so i did a new one and all the stuff from the old one is there and some more.Madnesssheet 2.0
so, Nevermind is not gonna make Madness Agony vol. 3 sence he stop making madness but I havent C:
he will only make and intro and some stuff like a movemen the art. or something....:P
And ive got a new computer :D its very good! I like Lap tops so i dont have to sit att the same place all the time. and I had the same compute in the same room sence i started with flash 2006 allright thats it for now ill edit if i forgot something ;D

I´m Back!


2010-10-31 06:27:26 by Gehenaz

watch it now.

I'm back!!

2010-07-17 17:59:03 by Gehenaz

I have wanted to come back a long time but I wanted to make a comeback with a movie nobody knew about, I had almost done a movie but the file was lost when I forgot to put it in a USB before we sent it away for fixing where they restarted everything and destroyed all files. So now I come back in a collab that Dunso and I are making! GO TO DUNSO'S PAGE for details and join!!

75 fps test :D

I'm back!!

no more flas 4 u

2010-02-19 12:14:22 by Gehenaz

i r done w1th flAsh nao kthxbye

OMG WTF ZOMG sOW >_< bUt n0 Fl4sh :S

2009-12-23 14:17:14 by Gehenaz

Christmas.......da 24th.......:/......AN D NO FLASH!!!!!!!!!! D:D:D:D:D:D: Cuz I dont have time Ive only made a santa, 2 backgrounds 'n' a Snowman! But its a white Christmas and in Sweden! The wlast time it was a white Christmas in sweden was: 1995! (or like 2001 but not at Christmas Eve anyway :) )

here is the santa:

OMG WTF ZOMG sOW >_< bUt n0 Fl4sh :S

The madness movie

2009-11-29 07:25:06 by Gehenaz

Ok, the new madness movie is finished soon, I'm almost on the last scene :D
The filesize is like 4 MB :3

A test.

A new test!

The madness movie


2009-10-30 05:25:24 by Gehenaz

here what I've been working on,

my new madness movie, 68% done

A new madness combat sheet, 91% done

Madness tests 2, 5% done

Madness Extarmination 2, 5% done

Madness X-mas 5% Done

well thats it,

no pic sorry but I still don't have Internet >:/=NO U! >:3

Happy halloween!:D

OMFG!!! The Internet Is Back!!!!!

some news

2009-10-06 11:17:19 by Gehenaz

I´ll get the Internet back soon, the reason why I lost the internet was becauce the lighting knocked out the internet. I´ll have too download all Flash files on a CD because the memory disk can fuck up so all the files deletes.

I´ve working on a movie in almost a month now so I maybe done with it in december.
it´s something about 2.00 minutes long, and i´m at 50 %done now.
so you probably involves that the movie will be about 4 minutes long or something like that.
more info in another post.

I edit alot on the post because the the grammar was not good at all.

Plus I have Submit an Art, I hope you Enjoy the Art :)

Madness Agony is released!

2009-09-22 12:27:34 by Gehenaz

Happy Madness Day! wathc it nao!!!!!1 Or die.